Monday, April 23, 2012

Tacos Locos – Crazy, but Pleasant Ridge’s Destination Restaurant is on Wheels

Dex Hanging out at Tacos Locos
     We read about Tacos Locos in Cincinnati magazine (is there anything about food in this region that Donna Covrett and her staff doesn’t know about?) this month and thought we’d try it out since it’s up the street from us.  We could walk – we didn’t because we wanted the food to stay hot – but we could.  

     The Tacos Locos food truck sits in the RMS Food Store parking lot across from Pleasant Ridge Montessori on Montgomery.  Three young women of Latina descent run the truck.  Two are sisters, the other is their cousin and they cook

to order in a friendly, professional manner.  This is Mexican fast food that is both authentic and accessible.  Smartly, the menu is limited to tacos, burritos, tortas (a sandwich), and quesadillas with a selection of meats – chicken, beef, pork, and beef tongue.  

Beef Burrito
     Kaylee ordered the Beef Burrito and it was large.  Portions at Tacos Locos are about twice the size of a regular fast food Mexican chain and plenty of jalapeños come with every order.  She thought it was delicious and one of the best burritos she’d ever had.  Martha liked the light tortilla on her
Pork Quesadilla
Pork Quesadilla loaded with cheese.  Neil and I both decided on Tortas.  Neil chose the pork and I had the beef tongue because why not?  The bread was light and flat and reminded me of a marriage between American Indian fry bread and Wonder bread.  Huge portion sizes (we could have shared one) and they are very generous with meat.  I liked the ground pork, but preferred the tongue because it was cut in bite size pieces and was very tender.

Beef Tongue Tortas
     Tacos Locos is a destination food spot.  Think about it if you’re in the Kenwood/Oakley/Hyde Park area.  Finally, Pleasant Ridge has a destination restaurant!  Let’s hope we can keep it parked here for a while.

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