Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Congress Should Listen to “The Voice”

      People grouse about Washington, either because they think the President is too strong/not strong enough or, more recently, because Congress yaps a lot for publicity, but does little.   And I think most of us know that Congress does little because the members are too worried about being re-elected,
rather than actually working together to push forward the needs of this country.

     The Voice is a courageous show.  It celebrates excellence.  Unlike American Idol, the producers try to put on the best voices they can find.  The judges have to make choices.  Rather than congratulating everyone with the same half a dozen blandishments and thereby promising a check that the American public may not eventually be able or want to pay, the four star singers on the panel actually choose which vocalists they’ll mentor and then which ones they’ll cut from their teams.  It takes guts because they’re trying to ensure that the top singers will emerge to continue competing against one another and that they themselves might be competing against in the near future in the marketplace.  The better they do their job could ensure that their own futures might be less golden or platinum.

      Unlike the talon-less war hawks that refuse to send their own children or grandchildren into battle (Vice-President Biden being the most notable and noble exception), Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton are willing to risk their livelihoods to present the most relevant reality competition show on the air right now, which begs the question of how relevant is Congress in comparison?

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