Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Papaya: A Satisfying Thai Experience

      It was like slipping down a secluded alley in Bangkok into the sleeved entrance of Green Papaya.  The inside was all Asian in flavor from the lacquered finishes to the jasmine rice.  The low lighting (partially from the dreary rain outside) and the Thai background music added to my lunch escape.  

The Ambience at Green Papaya
      I was meeting Kathy, who lives down the street, but had never been there.  We settled as our server highlighted the
lunch boxes on the menu (available for dine-in only), a rather enticing combo of soup, appetizer, fruit, rice, and a selection of two Thai dishes.  They sounded wonderful, but they would have to wait for another visit.  Both of us were on diets and were looking for something a little less filling.  We found them on the regular lunch menu in the forms of Basil and Pineapple Sauce entrées.

Basil Sauce with Chicken and Noodles
      Kathy's Basil Sauce was a compact bowl of stir fried vegetables featuring broccoli and eggplant with chicken and noodles lightly coated with the sauce.  She loved it!  

Pineapple Sauce with Chicken and Jasmine Rice
I chose the Pineapple Sauce with jasmine rice (they were out of brown rice) plated with vegetables, pineapple, and papaya covered with the mildly sweet sauce.  I could eat this the rest of my life. 

      Presentation has always been a notable plus at Green Papaya and this visit was no exception.  Our server was friendly and attentive as she covered the entire room.

Green Papaya on Urbanspoon

Thai is not usually my thing, but that pineapple sauce was pretty tasty!

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