Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Long Shelf Life is Predicted for Cake Flour

Sidewalk Café at Cake Flour
      On a recent visit to Louisville, our final destination was Cake Flour, a natural baking company, in the NULU neighborhood on the near east side of downtown.  The area was interspersed with businesses, factories, and vacant
patches of concrete.  Cake Flour stood out with its sidewalk dining and a view of downtown straight up Market Street. 

The Baking Kitchen
      Sweets are one of our main food groups (sadly) so the intrigue of an all natural bakery had the potential to remove some of our guilt.  We were checking out the selections in the display case while starting to chat with the woman behind the counter who offered up some suggestions.  We couldn't disagree with her and completed our order with two of the day's Blackberry Pecan Scones that had been staring at us from the basket atop the case.

Our Trio of Delights
Taking our place at an outside table we started to work our way through the delights.  First up was the bite-sized meringues…light and not too sweet with a faint flavoring of vanilla and almond.  Next, we divided the Strawberry and Banana Cupcake.  Could this possibly have been good for us?  Not a chance—but with moist dense flavors like those and a creamy puffed icing, who cared?  Even the sugar sprinkles on top were all natural!  Then came the Double Chocolate Cookie.  It was so bendable we could hardly break it in half.  Oozing with European chocolate, it melted its way through our mouths.  Thoroughly satisfied, we sacked up the scones to make their way back to CIncinnati for breakfast the next morning.  I can assure you they were worth the wait.

You can learn more about Claudia DeLatorre and her team's commitment to baking everything naturally delicious at:
Cake Flour on Urbanspoon

I sure was glad to see the guys when they returned from Louisville.  They even brought me a treat too!

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