Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fresh Table Is Set At Findlay Market

Fresh Table's Stall at Findlay Market
      The title Fresh Table seems simplistic enough for a food vendor inside Findlay Market.  A name should tell exactly what a place is all about. Co-founders Meredith Tromley and Louis Snowden search for the finest local ingredients and
combine them in a pleasing palette for the taste buds. That's where the straightforwardness of the name ends. 

Selections From the Display Case
Take the complexity of flavors found in their Princess and the Pea Salad.  The "princess" part was dried cranberries, red and yellow peppers, and red onions with a hint of mint dressing. Combined with fresh peas, the colors and attributes were suitable for any member of a royal family.  Eric and I found it exquisite.

Pesto Linguini and Derby Salad
      Fresh Table has supplied the fare for several of the Cincinnati Magazine events we have attended.  Almost all of their offerings have worked that we have sampled.  We dropped by on a Sunday recently for a healthy lunch.  I've been on a special diet and they seemed the most likely candidate to meet my needs.  I selected the Roasted Turkey, simple and moist.  As my additional side, I had the Derby Salad, a combination of cucumber, tomatoes, and red onions in a delicate herb marinade.  Eric had been partially joining me on my healthy adventure to which he responded with the Tofu Parmigiana.  Had he not known, he would have thought it was made with either chicken or veal.  The Pesto Linguini contained cloves of roasted garlic that were treated much like onions.  Unfortunately for Eric, it was way too heavy and resonated for a couple of days.  

      There was reserved seating for patrons at the bar height table overlooking the outside market area.  All offerings were by the pound except for the special lunch feature (unfortunately we didn't know about this until we were telling our friend Paul about our visit). Currently at $7.99, one receives a plate with 3 selections.  Good to know for our next outing!

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Hey, I like to eat fresh and healthy too!

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