Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Won’t Be Able To Put Down the Next Chapter

NOTICE: Actually, one will be able to put it down and we will be the first! On subsequent visits, our review is basically irrelevant.  The menu has changed (our brunch items are sadly no longer available) and the service was misfortunate to the point of us leaving after our drinks were served.  We're very sorry to find that this establishment has not lived up to its original potential.

The New Bar Area

      Next Chapter Restaurant and Café is a reincarnation of Chapter 13 and Mt. Adam’s Fish House appearing as a bar on the surface with much better than the average pub grub.  We were there on a Saturday for brunch and sat at one of the five bar height tables surrounding the dominant bar.  My first reaction was that almost every table had a TV to go with it (there were three).  After looking at the menu, there seemed to be a disconnection with the interior.  The space was a bit generic and a tad cold (literally too…it was a cold day) from the newly installed tiled surfaces.  (We only saw the one room so others may be different.)  The food looked more adventurous as I found some old favorites that sounded more current.

      Everything was served on square plates that can sometimes make the portions look small.  Not the case here. They were very generous and fairly priced.  

Locos Biscuits
Eric ordered the Locos Biscuits from the brunch section.  Two perfectly flaky homemade biscuits sliced and covered in
homemade green chili and topped with taco cheeses.  He found them not too spicy and not too mild.  He thought it was really good because it was like what he would make for us at home.  The potato cakes and scrambled eggs were served on a separate plate that allowed him the option of mixing the eggs with the chili, which he did.  

Full Monte
I decided to go with one of my favorite sandwiches, the Monte Cristo, which in this case is named the Full Monte.  It was a great interpretation of the classic served on Cuban bread, dusted with powdered sugar on top and a drizzling of raspberry sauce at the sides.  There’s an option of either Chapter (Saratoga) Chips or Cole Slaw as the side dish.  I decided on the slaw.  It was creamy, but pretty mainstream.  Our server was friendly and very attentive.  

      Next Chapter opened the day before Thanksgiving 2011 and is a work in progress.  There is the second level that is open for dinner with a rooftop dining area in warmer weather.  Plans are taking shape for an outdoor entertainment, bar, and dining area in the adjacent space once occupied by two buildings on Pavilion Street.  Targeted date for that opening is St. Patrick’s Day 2012.  So stay tuned for the next chapter, but for now the current one is just fine.

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The guys said they haven't been to Mt. Adams for a while and were happy to see it still has lots of spark with something for everyone.

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