Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Light in the Piada

Piada Sets the Mood for Dining
      I had been to Piada a couple of times and wanted Eric to experience it on our last visit to Columbus.  It’s a take on Chipotle…Italian style.  The interior is more restaurant like, a reinterpretation of an Abercrombie store with moody lighting and large
wall graphics.  The ordering is a step-by-step custom process, but that’s mostly where the similarities end.
The Line to Build Your Piada
Piada is much more extensive with its offerings than its Mexican model.  This is fast food at its best with a focus on customer service and quality food.

      Martha and Stan joined us for lunch.  The lineup began with the flat, thin crust Piada made for stuffing.  You can also choose a Pasta Bowl or Chopped Salad Bowl.  The ingredients seemed almost endless with grilled vegetables, meats, and fishes.  The list continued with more vegetables, greens, beans, and cheeses…and don’t forget the hot or cold sauces!   Between us we had a Stuffed Piada, Pasta Bowl, and a Pepperoni Piada Stick.  The pasta bowls are large enough for two (Martha and Stan had enough for dinner also) but, for some like Eric, one bowl makes the perfect meal.  My piada was stuffed so full it was bursting in several places.  All of the ingredients are super fresh.  I even saw them replacing a half full container of chicken that must have been on the serving line too long.  The piada sticks remind me of a rolled up slice of pizza…hot, savory, and filling.  The drinks are customized to the Italian palette also with selections of flavored sodas and teas and spring and sparkling waters.  Wine, beer, and peach bellinis are also on tap.  I found the peach tea to be nicely flavored, but Eric thought the lemon tea was too overpowering.  

Stuffed Piada
Pasta Bowl
Pepperoni Piada Stick
      Piada is the brainchild of the group that brought us Bravo and Brio.  Currently, with 5 locations in Columbus, there are plans to expand to Cincinnati and Cleveland.  Until then, we’ll just have to hop on our scooter and enjoy them in Columbus.
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I really like the cool lighting in the Piada dining area!

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