Monday, January 9, 2012

Head To The Morgan House For Lunch Classics Done Well

      I was visiting family in Columbus and this was the day for Martha and me to have lunch and “shop around”.  She wanted to go to The Morgan House and since I had not been there for lunch I was happy to go along with her idea.  The two of us are well known for being late so our arrival was at the end of the lunch rush.

The Morgan House Dining Room
      The dining room was pleasant, colonial in décor, and welcoming.  The large mural set the mood.  There was a fire going and we
were seated close by at a window table.  Service was prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly.  

The Muffin Recipe Changes Daily

First up was the day’s muffin of cheese and dill.  It was warm, rich, and creamy.  I wanted more but contained myself.  We looked over the menu.  I was drawn to the Hidden Sandwich, a concoction that appeared on the Chintz Room menu at Lazarus Department Store back in the day.  I reminisced and looked onward.

Baked Chicken Salad
Our server recommended the day’s special of Baked Chicken Salad.  I was intrigued and we both ordered her suggestion.  It was comfort food with a twist.  Presented in an individual casserole dish with a side of fresh fruit.  The chicken salad was on the creamy side with melted cheddar cheese on top covered with crumbled potato chips.  Why hadn’t someone thought of this before?  It was so, so good!  The fruit was a show in itself.  I don’t know where they are getting such lovely and flavorful pieces this time of year, but they were beautiful on the plate with an added orchid for garnish.  

Coconut Cream Pie

      Martha and I are always up for a piece of pie and from the list at the hostess station when we entered we were in the right place.  Our server recited them again

Lemon Layer Pie
and we decided on the Coconut Cream and Layered Lemon.  My piece of lemon had a layer of sour cream on the bottom next to a perfect crust and topped with whipped cream.  The lemon filling had just the right tartness.  Martha’s was equally worthy.  Now we were ready to check out what the rest of The Morgan House had to offer in their extensive home furnishings and gift shop.

Morgan House on Urbanspoon

Wow…Chicken and cheese!  That’s my favorite combination.

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