Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Slice of Neighborhood Cheer at Parkside Café

Parkside Café Dining Room
      Sometimes we’re just in the mood for basic food done well in a place where we can relax with a friend for some great conversation while people watching.  Such was the case on a recent Sunday morning when we met Paul and headed to his
favorite neighborhood diner, the Parkside Café in Walnut Hills.  Poised in an area that’s expected to have resurgence with the forthcoming downtown casino, the restaurant was once a Frisch’s Big Boy (although that chain has been through several modernizations since this model was being built).  There’s some cheerful artwork, mirrors, and comfortable booths and tables for the laid-back setting that we were seeking.

      Service was prompt from two servers that knew Paul (that always helps).  They joked that he was making himself too much at home when he got up and helped himself to more Splenda® and napkins.  That was their job and they were ready to do it well.  

Paul's Buffet Plate
      There’s a very reasonable Sunday Brunch Buffet that I initially thought I was in the mood for, but after looking over the menu I decided to go with the Cakes and More.  Eric followed suit and Paul went for grazing at the buffet.  His selections centered on meat ’n’ potatoes with goetta, bacon, Parkside potatoes, and tater tots.  Scrambled eggs, French toast, and fresh fruit were also visible on his plate.  I took a trip around the buffet and found the offerings to be plentiful.  In addition to the breakfast items, there was a soup and salad bar that was also included. 

French Toast
Goetta and Eggs
Eric and I upgraded our order from pancakes to French toast.  It was a wise choice with the vanilla and lightly egg battered bread dusted with powdered sugar and topped with sliced strawberries.  The addition of eggs and a meat choice (we both had goetta) added protein to our diet.  The goetta was nicely grilled and my eggs were a perfect duo of sunny side up.  Add all of that to a diverse cross section of patrons (there was a musician with his cello, free wi-fi seekers, a local politician, etc.) and you have a dining experience tailor-made for adding to our conversation making.

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I had a little upset stomach this morning.  Neil thinks it was from gnawing on too many leaves on the bouquet in the kitchen.  :-(

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