Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunch Express at Slatts Pub

      There's an abundance of picks for lunch in the Blue Ash area, but one that I had not been to was Slatts Pub, a place that had been described by an acquaintance as something between TGIFriday's and Cheesecake Factory.  I couldn't find the similarities, but then people have different experiences and perspectives.

Bar and Dining Area of Slatts Pub
      Karen, Melissa, and I headed there for lunch. They had both been there many times and found it to be a good selection.  It's a typical American pub with several dining areas, including an outdoor patio.  We were seated in the sunroom that was bright and cheery.  The bar area is much darker and more of a sports bar atmosphere although there were TV's in the sunroom also.  

      Our server greeted us with "good evening", but then she appeared a bit disheveled and probably felt the day had been too long already.  After looking over the rather
extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, soups, and salads (there are also steaks and seafood), we decided to take the simple route of ordering from the Express Lunches.  They consist of the choice of two from 1/2 sandwiches, cups of soup, or salads.  Karen chose the Classic Reuben (with a turkey substitution, so not-so classic) and the West Coast Salad.  Melissa went with the Lobster Bisque and West Coast Salad, and I had the Turkey Cheddar Melt and West Coast Salad.  

Signature Biscuits
Their signature Biscuits arrived and turned out to be the highlight of our lunch.  They're flakey and sweet, making them irresistable.  

Lobster Bisque

There was a bit of confusion when our orders arrived.  Tag team serving doesn't always work and probably should be outlawed in restaurants where it doesn't.  It's annoying and sets a bad tone for the rest of the meal, no matter how good it is.  

West Coast Salad and Turkey Cheddar Melt
After setting things straight, we were mixed on the results of our selections.  Melissa really liked the lobster bisque, which she has had numerous times.  Karen felt the same about her reuben.  My turkey stated it was oven-roasted, but I found it to be too moist for my liking and would have to say it was a deli cut rather than roasted in house.  The salads were a recommendation from my two dining partners, but Melissa thought hers was too watery and I found the combination of golden raisins, sunflower seeds, pimentos, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette as sounding much better than the actual taste.  Although pretty to look at, the dressing was a bit too potent for me and the sunflower seeds too dominant.  

     My overall opinion is that with a few tweaks the quality of Slatts could go up several notches.  But then, with many of the guests partaking of the beverage emphasized menu, they may not find that necessary to do.  After all, this is a pub and the majority of the people looked like they were having a good time.

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