Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Westminster Dog Show

I'm usually not interested in the silly things that Eric and Neil sit around watching on that flat box in the family room.  But last night was different.  They were watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show from New York City.  All those purr-fect specimens of canine!  Me-e-e-e-ow!  To me, it was like when the guys get all excited about watching the Oscars or Tonys.  I was spellbound.  There were hairdos like I had never seen before.  One looked like a wet mop.  I think others were just dusting the floor.  Some looked as though they needed to chew on a few more bones, while most were almost flawless in every way.

Hickory appears on The Martha Stewart Show
As I suspected from the time I first saw her posing, Hickory, a 
5-year old Scottish deerhound was named the top dog.  
A jolIy good show!  I hear she'll be going back to her home in Virginia where she has 50 acres to run and explore.  Now that's what I call one lucky dog.  I wish I could tease her just as I like to do with our dog neighbor Toby!

View a slideshow of the show

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