Saturday, February 5, 2011

Celebrating the Chinese New Year Vietnamese Style at Song Long

I heard that it's the Chinese New Year and the year of my friend, the rabbit.  That doesn't mean too much to me, but Eric and Neil went out to celebrate on Thursday night (it runs through the new moon on Feb. 18).  I tend to stay away from Chinese restaurants. Just a personal thing.  It sounds as though they had a great meal.  Maybe I should reconsider.

      Eric and I have visited Song Long in Roselawn from time to time over the years.  Although it's primarily Vietnamese (the family settled in Cincinnati after the war), there is a large portion of the menu devoted to Chinese features.  Going to Song Long is like visiting a close friend. We were immediately greeted, seated, and offered hot tea.  The dining room has soft pink appliqued tablecloths under glass on the tables. We were seated in a booth with the wall of awards (most of them recent) to our side. I wanted to try Chinese, in honor of the day, but Eric stayed with the traditional Vietnamese fare.  

We started by sharing six Crab Rangoon.  It had a light batter, almost tempura-like, that was delicate and crispy. The red pepper sauce was a nice accompaniment.  They were definitely among the best we've ever had and maybe THE best!  

Eric had the Mi Xao Don Do Bien (N5) which was egg noodles topped with scallops, shrimp, crab delights®, and calamari. It was a beautiful dish with the seafood, vegetables, and the flavorful sauce presented in a nest of dried noodles. I went with the Moo Shu with Pork that came already made up in four light pancakes.  I truly appreciated not having to do this myself.  We continued to share and the combination did not disappoint.

      At one point a version of "Silent Night" came through the speakers. I couldn't have told you what was playing before, or after, but everyone in the restaurant took note. It was a little out of season, but the silence it brought was touching.  The restaurant started to fill, and the solitary waiter did not miss a beat with caring for everyone.   More hot tea, and the check presented with almond and fortune cookies, completed our New Year experience.

Song Long is family-owned and operated at 1737 Section Road (near Reading Road).

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Barbara said...

Dexter I think you are being a little rude!! I am a rabbit and proud to be one. As to the meal I may give up carrots.