Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Dreary Mid-Winter Sunday

I heard ice hitting the windows this morning.  Eric and Neil know I don’t like wet weather so we all slept in for a while.  Neil rubbed my neck and I gave him love bites as a thank you.  The guys got ready to go out while I checked around downstairs.  The noise had stopped when they were ready to leave so I decided to go out too.  I stayed perched mostly on the screened in porch.  Eric and Neil were away longer than I expected. They probably went to a movie after having brunch. It’s Oscar week so they’re trying to see more nominees.  They seemed a little down when they returned.

      Some people choose restaurants based on the food alone.  Or, maybe it’s the clientele, service, or décor.  We decided on one of our mainstays this morning for breakfast—The Bluebird in Norwood.  The food is traditional American fare.  Comfort food and a friendly and efficient staff make for a cordial welcome.  But today, our favorite waitress wasn’t around.  Something was missing.  Gina had died suddenly this week, and The Bluebird had lost some of its energy for the time being.  Her patrons will surely miss her round smiling face and royal treatment.  You touched us, and many others, Gina.  We’ll think of you each time we visit The Bluebird.

      As if we weren’t depressed enough, we continued on to the Esquire to view Biutiful completing our list of seeing the Oscar nominees for Best Actor.  Dexter knows us all too well.

Look for a more complete story on The Bluebird at a more appropriate time.

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