Monday, July 6, 2015

U.S. independence & LEGO @ Kenwood

Tiny plastic bricks + 
American iconic buildings = Wow!

U.S. Capitol Building
     We’d planned to go walking at Kenwood Towne Centre and, just as we were parking, Neil said, “Be prepared for a surprise.”  We walked through to the upper level and there was the Lincoln Memorial in LEGO!  There were over a dozen scale monuments on the upper level and three on the lower 
Liberty Bell
level.  The toughest to create would have been the Liberty Bell, which uses no curved bricks at all and depicts the entire description and the spectacular Capitol Building.  Upon seeing this model, we overheard one gentleman say, “Oh wow, there’s the White House.”  It’s great that it was a teachable moment for him.  

The Fantasy Good Earth Mall
     Look closely and you can see the statues of Jefferson and Lincoln in their respective memorials.  There were also a number of fantasy scenes incorporating American landscapes (urban, rural, a variation of Mt. Rushmore) as well on the upper level.  These were created using the full range of bricks and pieces available either through the LEGO store at Kenwood or through clubs.  

The White House
     This free exhibition runs through July 19 and it’s only being seen in select cities.  About a decade ago, Kenwood Mall billed itself as the place “to expect the unexpected.”  It coincided with a beautiful display of gargantuan sand castles.  The LEGO independence exhibit exceeds even that one.

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