Saturday, May 30, 2015

Remezo Greek Cuisine

Classic Mediterranean dishes 
served in a palatial grotto setting

     On a recent trip back from Columbus, we were trying to think of a new place to stop for a late Sunday afternoon meal.  Remezo's came to my mind and Eric agreed.

     Remezo's has transformed the space of a former Tumbleweed and Dueces Wild Saloon.  I'm always leery of "bad karma" spaces that have been unsuccessful so it was nice to see that nothing was recognizable, inside or out.  In fact, the interior would make any Mason/Deerfield McMansion
owner in the area a little jealous.  Although the staff was very welcoming, it felt like it would have been more inviting had the space been more intimate and divided up.

Avgolemono Soup
     We both started with Avgolemono Soup, a rich lemon chicken that they have perfected.  It was, by far, the highlight of our meals.  I typically like Greek cuisine, although I'm not particularly fond of eggplant.  Eric, on the other hand, loves it!  I knew as soon as I saw Moussaka on the menu that his decision had been made.  i took a little more time, reading each description of the numerous offerings.  I narrowed it down and asked our server for suggestions.  She said if I liked cumin and garlic, then  Zouzoukakia was the dish for me–Greek style meatballs piled against garlic mashed potatoes on a bed of cumin spiced red sauce.  The presentation was 
impressive.  The "meatballs" were actually cigar-shaped cylinders looking more like sausages.  I didn't taste much garlic in the potatoes and I totally missed the cumin, both of which would have added much to this dish had they been a little more potent.  It was a hearty portion, however, and I left with half of it for lunch the next day.  I have to say, it tasted just as good (maybe better) warmed up.  
Eric liked his moussaka commenting that the potatoes and eggplant were sliced appropriately and cooked flawlessly.  The béchamel sauce was a little dry, which he preferred to be more "flowing".  However, it was almost as good as his mother's, which everyone we know considers to be the best.  That's a compliment to both chefs!

Greek Coffee
     Eric topped it all off with a Greek coffee served with an apricot compote as a sweetener and cookie biscuit.  Strong and potent, he found it to be the perfect ending.

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