Friday, March 27, 2015

Sunday Brunch at The Littlefield

Currently our favorite Cincinnati Brunch scene

The Littlefield in Northside
      It's rare that you meet the perfect storm at a restaurant these days, or ever.  One where the waitstaff is energetic and knowledgeable, an atmosphere that feels like you're visiting a longtime friend's house, patrons that actually want to interact with you, and food that is so creative and delicious one can't stop thinking about it. We've had a few of those aha dining
experiences, but we weren't expecting it from The Littlefield Bourbon Bar and Kitchen.  In fact, on our drive over we were lamenting on how bad of an experience it might be.  It's just something we do when our moods aren't in sync and we start—well, whining a bit.

The Littlefield Coctails

      It appeared at Sunday's brunch that The Littlefield already has somewhat of a following.  We arrived shortly after they opened and it progressively filled in from there.  Our server immediately asked if we had joined them previously and announced his favorite cocktails to start. Although that usually isn't a path we go down, his enthusiasm sparked us to go for the Peach Bellini.  He was right.  It was the perfect size and mix, which sparked a comment from our neighboring diners.  

Goetta Eggs Benedict
      The brunch menu is limited, but not limiting.  We decided to share the Frangiapane French Toast from the menu and a special Goetta Eggs Benedict.  Both were pieces of art and layered with multiple flavor explosions.  The benedict celebrated early spring with its  two perfectly prepared poached eggs perched atop two English muffins divided by a cantilevered slice of goetta.  All were positioned in a puddle of light lemon sauce and surrounded with a pesto vinaigrette.  It was dense and light at the same time, although I'm not sure how that happened.
Frangiapane French Toast
The French toast was equally impressive stacking three thick slices of almond battered bread properly baked to the crunch of a meringue and served with a house made bacon brown butter that was like ice cream.  Then there were the bourbon poached pears and maple syrup to top it all.  This was, without a doubt, up there with the best of the best!  

The Downstairs Dining Room
The Bourbon Bar
      When everything comes together like this did on a first visit, one always has concerns that it was a fluke.  I don't get that sense from The Littlefield.  It appears to be a well thought out business.  We're looking forward to returning at night for their pot pies and bourbon influenced dishes and cocktails.

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