Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dutch’s Larder

We finally said, “Uncle,” and were delighted

Dutch's Larder
     We read about Dutch’s Larder when Donna Covrett (we still miss her writing and her desserts) reviewed it a couple of years ago.  We weren’t very sure about going because it sounded like take-out or a delicatessen.  Cincinnati magazine
just ranked it the top place for lunch so we thought, ‘oh why not?’  It’s also only a couple of miles from us so it did feel like we were just being stubborn.

Bar and Communal Table
      It was smart to convert a failed Starbucks at the nexus point of Mt. Lookout/Hyde Park/Oakley.  Pairing it with a once existing pony keg, the result now houses a discrete bar and communal dining area.  With wood paneling everywhere, low lighting, and an elegant take out area, the décor is both welcoming and elegant.  The greatest challenge to Dutch’s is parking:  the choice being either the postage stamp lot for the building or finding a spot on Erie Avenue or Marburg.

The Working Kitchen
     It exceeds in every other area.  The culinary philosophy is realized in an understated fashion through the use of the best, freshest ingredients.  What they serve they make to order from scratch (and quickly).  What they sell is either homemade or assiduously selected.  We took home a couple of breakfast sausages with pear; they were keenly and accurately flavored.

Short Rib Grilled Cheese
     Sandwiches were accompanied with sides.  Neil ordered the Short Rib Grilled Cheese, which was perfect.  The meat was top quality without any fat and to repeat an overused phrase, it really was “melt in your mouth.”  I chose the 
Pastrami Reuben
Reuben, made with the leanest pastrami in recent memory with sauerkraut and their version of Thousand Island dressing, was excellent.  Although it was wet, it wasn’t soggy and that was because their house rye is an amalgamation of rye and sourdough.

Marcona Almonds and
Brussels Sprouts

     Portions were generous, especially the accompanying side of Orzo salad that included vegetables and goat cheese.  Neil was able to take half of it home for another lunch.  The Marcona Almonds appetizer was light and spicy and a good shareable with wine for friends waiting for sandwiches or entrées, while the Carmelized Brussels Sprouts with smoked lamb bacon added a delicious touch.  Once patrons have parked, everything will be fine.

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