Friday, February 20, 2015

York Street Café

Bohemian mainstay still nails it

The Victorian Dining Room
      York Street Café in Newport has been around for more than a couple of decades (rare for most restaurants), unique both for its menu and décor.  We used to go there for lunch or dinner or for later desserts.  Not only was there a gallery back
then, but there was (and is) also an upstairs performance space where musicians played and patrons could dance.  We haven’t gone in a few years because there have been so many new restaurants opening (and some closing) that we wanted to check out.

The Bar Collection

      Tom and Karen suggested we visit after a double header at NKU.  It’s still a splendid Victorian space adorned with all manner of curlicues and accessories inside.  Our server was hip, funny, and informative.  We asked for recommendations and we fortuitously followed her suggestions.

Our Spread—Mediterranean Board,
Autumn Salad and Mushroom Toasty
      The Mediterranean Conversation Board can easily feed two as an entrée and it was more than enough as a collection of appetizers for four:  the hummus was smooth and the spanakopita was rich and had a slight citrus note; there was also a side Greek salad, which was sprightly.  The Autumn Salad included chunks of butternut squash, sweet and spicy pecans, golden raisins, red onions, and goat cheese dressed with a tangy apple cider vinaigrette.  This was an excellent choice and one I haven’t seen on other local menus.  The Mushroom Toasty was like a Greek version of pizza; sautéed baby mushrooms, Swiss, and Parmesan cheese on toasted pita bread.  Neil could have made a meal of that by itself.  

A Perfect Dessert Spot
      Desserts have always been home made.  There are usually half a dozen selections and they focus on cakes and pies, which makes me want to sing.  Yes, the old school desserts still taste great and can be very presentable.  The foodie obsession with fiddly, pretty desserts (various crème brulées and three bites of different desserts with two or more sauces) and every type of bread pudding has grown dated.  We ordered the Kentucky State Fair cake – a variation on Hummingbird – was moist, complexly flavored, and a delightful original.  The caramel rum cake was a bundt (a bluegrass version of baba au rhum) and a hit.  The flourless chocolate cake had that rich fudge texture with a bright raspberry sauce.  All were generous portions.

      We’ll certainly return soon to York Street Café!

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