Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bella Luna

Italian through and through 
on a sidetrack from Columbia Parkway 

Dining on Fiorentina
Bella Luna Dining Room
      Bella Luna is a little off the beaten path, although in the same East End neighborhood as Terry's Turf Club.  Both are from another time, one could say.  I've always felt that Bella Luna was a theme restaurant from the 70s that opened in the 90s and hasn't changed much since.  The fact that it's on the bottom floor of a converted warehouse
adds to the Italian speakeasy persona. 

Bella Luna Salad
     We met Sue and Mary there for a pre-lecture dinner.  It was our first visit in over a decade.  Sue and Mary seemed more acquainted with the menu.  However, Mary was disappointed to hear that a salad was no longer included with the entrée.  Welcome to restaurant survival 101.  Eric and I started by sharing the Bella Luna Salad highlighted with roasted red peppers, figs, and Gorgonzola with honey added to the balsamic vinaigrette for a very nice combination.  The menu is packed with 
Seafood Cannelloni
perennial Italian favorites with a few twists like the Prime Rib Cannelloni, winner of Best Damn Dish at Taste of Cincinnati.  We passed it by as Eric opted for the Seafood Cannelloni, two crepes stuffed with crab, shrimp and scallops covered with a lobster cream sauce.  He gave it high marks, but when he sampled Mary's prime rib version he was sorry he had not opted for it.  I had the Fiorentina from the "Pollo" category, which took spinach, white wine and a four-cheese sauce to team up with grilled chicken breast and fettuccine.  
Chicken Parmesan
Excellent that evening and the next day for lunch.  Sue had the Chicken Parmesan and it was satisfaction all around the table.  

      Our time was limited so no time for dessert.  Fortunately, there was an extraordinary cake served at the lecture.  We're still wondering who the baker was.

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Heather Johnson said...

I had the seafood canneloni on a tasting and it was amazing! Too bad you missed dessert - their bread pudding is my favorite dessert in the entire city!