Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Banana Leaf Modern Thai

Destination dining for us that appeared
to be a neighborhood gem for others

Banana Leaf Modern Thai
     I doubt there are many of us that can remember the streetcar and bustling hotel on Main Street in Mason.  They're gone, but the private residence across the street has stood there since 1877.  Currently, it's been elegantly revamped with
simple touches to welcome its guests.  I'm always partial to establishments that can use IKEA accents to pull off a more expensive and detailed look, and Banana Leaf does that effortlessly.  

Our Dining Room
     We had checked out their menu online and had pretty well made our selections before arrival.  I mentioned that I had an aversion to spicy dishes, which shifted my initial choice of a wild boar entrée to a long list recommended by our knowledgeable server.  

Duck Tacos

     We started with the Roasted Duck Tacos from the chef's fall menu.  The house made tacos were nice and crispy, which made them a little difficult to gracefully eat.  The duck could have had more flavor, though it was aided by the mango and grapefruit salsa served alongside.  
Harvest Curry
Eric's entrée of Harvest Curry was also a fall feature.  He chose tofu as his protein, which he found to be smooth and creamy.  The curry was rich with all things fall—pumpkin squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and red bell peppers.  Infused with orange zest and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds, Eric thought it the best curry he had ever had.  

Pad Thai Goong
I settled on Pad Thai Goong, an artful creation of a traditional Thai dish with four giant prawns enveloped with a crepe "nest".  The flavors were remarkable and the presentation memorable.

Thai Tiramisu
     Desserts were plentiful with the guest favorite being the Coconut Creme Brulée served in a coconut shell.  We decided to share the Thai Tiramisu of ladyfingers soaked in Thai coffee.  It's one of our favorite desserts to try and this was up there with the finest.

     Running into the chef/owner on our way out, we were questioned about our dining experience and invited back to enjoy the patio and landscaped waterfall.  We thought it an offer we won't be able to refuse.

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