Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Food Trucks Galore

A festival that’s actually a celebration

Dexter Checks Out the CIncinnati Street Food Festival
     This was the second year of the Cincinnati Street Food Festival in Walnut Hills on McMillan Street.  There were seventeen trucks participating with beer from microbreweries.  The neatest thing was that it wasn’t overwhelmingly huge and
there weren’t a bunch of stupid drunks like some other festivals I could name.  This really was all about the food.  Neil and I tried the following:

The Bee Sting
C'est Cheese
     C’est Cheese – it’s all about the grilled cheese sandwich with various accoutrements.  We had the Bee Sting because that’s the signature sammie to try if you haven’t been there before.  They moved pretty quickly considering that it was a grilled sandwich; the mozzarella was completely melted, the pepperoni hot, and the Tuscan pane glistening without being greasy.  The basil infused honey and chili flaked butter added nice notes, but they’re pretty light.
C’est Cheese on Urbanspoon
Mango Bourbon Pork Sliders
     Bistro de Mohr – this is the place for pulled pork sandwiches.  I wasn’t prepared to think much of it, but I was wrong.  The meat used for the Mango Bourbon Sliders was lean and cooked properly and the sauce was excellent.  Their take on farm fresh food is definitely worth checking out.

Beef and Tofu Tacos
     Red Sesame – the Korean BBQ truck that many people seem to know about was a little slammed.  They were upbeat and we were patient.  It’s basically Asian tacos and they are good, but I wasn’t as bowled over as friends led me to believe.  I had both a beef and a tofu taco.  I’m so glad that vegans have a choice dish, but the beef was better because it absorbed more of the spicy sauce.
Red Sesame Korean BBQ Truck on Urbanspoon

S'Mores Waffle
Marty's Waffles
     Marty’s Waffles – yep, I saved the best for last just like Vanessa L. Williams.  We had planned to have a cupcake from another truck, but we saw another couple eating these incredible looking waffles and went to Marty’s instead.  I think they’re better than Taste of Belgium because they’re a little springier (not airy nothings like IHOP) and, according to Marty, it’s because of the sugar he uses.  It’s the one ingredient that is Swedish, rather than Belgian.  He was stunned that we thought it better than Taste of Belgium, but there you go.  We chose the S’Mores Waffle, which comes with two chocolate-topped marshmallows – not homemade, but very tender, and a wonderful peanut butter whipped cream.
Marty's Waffles on Urbanspoon
Seeing Walnut Hills from Different Heights
     I hope whoever planned this thinks about having it semi-annually or quarterly since it’s a good time.

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