Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holtman's Brings Their Donuts to OTR

Will Busken's and Servatii's have some competition?

      Holtman's has been a name that has been thrown around when anyone in this area discusses donuts.  We had never had their variety until we were picking up some food for Dexter at Pet Wants and noticed they are now across the street from them on Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter.  

Jelly Filled Donuts Hot Out of the Oven

      It was during their recent opening so things were a bit bustling with only a few donuts available.  The listings on the blackboard sounded more promising, but we decided on three to sample—a Custard Filled and White Cream Filled, and their signature Glazed French Crueller.  Looking in the display case as we waited in line, I couldn't help but notice the 
French Crueller Babies?
human-like forms of the French Cruellers.  They resembled babes in swaddling clothes with the one on the right a crying baby!  Maybe all the sugar in the air was affecting me.

The Daily Blackboard Selection

       We had just come from breakfast so we decided to save them until that evening when Lisa was coming over.  We divided them all into threes and started our in-home sample test.  I was the only one to like them all.  They're a very dense dough that's not for everyone, but if you were accustomed to homemade donuts from your grandmother, then these are definitely for you.  Eric didn't care for the filled varieties, but liked the crueller.  Lisa thought they were all too sweet and much too dense for her liking.

Dexter's Ready for the Next Round
As for Dexter—well, despite the fact that they weren't an overwhelming thumbs up there wasn't any left for him to try.  Maybe there will be after our next trip to Pet Wants.
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It gets better every day in Cincinnati!