Friday, September 13, 2013

Village Crêpe

The little crêperie that could—and will

Dex Was Wanting to Check It Out Too
      Eric and I are always on the lookout for crêperies wherever we go.  So when some of our family members started talking about Village Crêpe in Pickerington, OH, we couldn't wait to
try it.  It seemed like every time we were in Columbus our trip was either cut short or the timing just didn't work out.  Finally, I was visiting for a cousin's 50th anniversary celebration and stayed the night.  Lori, John, Kaylee, and I put it on the agenda for the next morning.

The Dining Room and Lounge Area
      It's a comfortable breakfast spot with tables inside and out.  Looking at the blackboard menu in front of us, I couldn't get past one of the daily specials…Stuffed French Toast with Grilled Pineapple.  Yum!  But there was more, lots more.   Kaylee had been there several times and never realized there was a back to the menu!

Savory Ham and Asparagus Crêpe
Frittata with Sourdough Toast
Checking it out, the two of us decided to share the Ham and Asparagus Crêpe and the special French Toast.  Lori had the daily frittata made with swiss, gouda and gruyere cheeses, while John created his own from the long list of ingredients.

The Hot Sauce Basket
Was a Nice Touch 
Theirs were served with a choice of toast, seasonal fruit, or potato pancake.  My bet was on the potato pancake and I believe I was right.  The flavor came from being lightly fried with flecks of other vegetables throughout.  The frittatas were also put together well, being paired with complimentary ingredients.  Our savory crêpe had a light shell filled with ham and asparagus surrounded by ricotta and Romano cheeses.  I loved the presentation of the French Toast served in a small souffle dish and cut to its rounded shape.  Sliced
Stuffed French Toast with Grilled Pineapple
grilled pineapple with cream cheese supplied the filling generously topped with whipped cream.  It was an unexpected combination that paired well and deserves to be repeated on the menu from time to time.

Salted Caramel Crêpe
I wanted to try one of the sweet crêpes so we concluded that the Salted Caramel would most likely do the job.  Sprinkled with large chunks of sea salt and stuffed with cream cheese with caramel sauce throughout, it more than did that.

Chase's Zesty Turkey on Sourdough

       I returned home describing my experience to Eric.  He was envious so two weeks later, we celebrated Martha and John's birthdays at the family table in their small private room.  Again, it was perfection as we sampled their special Blue Crab and Cheddar Cheese Frittata and Chase's Zesty Turkey on Sourdough.

     We delight in patronizing locally owned establishments.  With a location in Olde Pickerington Village, friendly servers, and an owner with a passion for creating French concoctions from fresh local ingredients, Village Crepe has all of the necessary makings for a long stay in the village.

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