Friday, September 20, 2013

The Snobbery of Polo…It Just Isn't So

Cincinnati's Polo Club plays the field in Goshen

Cincinnati Polo Club at Wilshire Farm
      We had never been to a polo match so when Carole and Tom asked us to join them, we weren't exactly sure of what we had agreed to experience.  The simple premise of attending
a match at the home club's regular field outside of Milford took a turn toward Wilshire Farm in Goshen and the special Galloping Pig benefit hosted by Dhani Jones' Bow Tie Foundation.  His foundation supports Breakthrough Cincinnati that affords art experiences for urban middle school students in cooperation with the Cincinnati art Museum.  And we all had a better time, I'm sure, because of that.

P.G. Sittenfeld
as the Announcer
      We arrived a little after the pre-match festivities started so it took us a little time to become acclimated to the two announcers.  It was like a comedy act between Garrison Keillor and Andy Cohen.   Later, we found the relentless antics were being supplied by none other than P.G. Sittenfeld of Cincinnati's City Council.  I believe he missed his calling and I can't imagine the entertainment he hands out at council meetings, especially with so much good material to work with there.

Demonstrating the Proper Use of the Polo Stick

      Bow ties and sundresses were the suggested attire.  (It's amazing how much attention a bow tie attracts on a man.)  Actually, it was nice to "dress" for a festivity—something that so rarely happens these days.  There are certain traditions
Dexter Helps Carole Replace the Divot
that go with the sport of polo, one being the stomping of the divot.  The recent drier weather didn't allow too many of those to appear, but Carole did manage to find one with the help of Dexter.  Various rules were explained throughout the match as Cincinnati played the Columbus team.  Cincinnati started with a 3 point handicap lead that allowed them to win the match 6-4.  Thank goodness they didn't end up in a tie breaker, known as a whack off in polo.  I won't even tell you where Sittenfeld went with that one!  I'm just wondering if Ralph Lauren was aware of that when photographing his innocent, preadolescent ads?

Ralph Lauren's Fall 2013 Girls' Collection

There's still one more home match on Saturday, October 12th, but there's always next year.

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