Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miss America, 2014

Finally, it's back to its roots

Nina Davuluri, the Newest Miss America
       After leaving Atlantic City back in 2004 for more glitter in Las Vegas, The Miss America Pageant is back in the city
where it all started in 1921.  Crowned at Boardwalk Hall (originally named Convention Hall), Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, beat out 52 other contestants to take the year-long
title.  She's also the first Indian-American to win the title. Congratulations!

Now if they'd only bring back "There She Is, Miss America", it would have made a full circle.  Hear Bert Parks sing it here:

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Bea said...

She's lovely. I made the mistake of reading some of the nasty and geographically-challenged twitter comments posted in relation to her win. What a HUGE disappointment they were.