Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let My People Go!

A sweet, light comedy 
that’s a French-Finnish-English co-production

     By the time anyone reads this, Let My People Go! will probably have departed from The Esquire.  It’s cute fluff about a French Jewish family dealing with a series of slapstick catastrophes during Passover.

Nicolas Maury and Carmen Maura with Dexter
Spanish legend Carmen Maura plays the mother in a strong ensemble, though Nicolas Maury is the stand out as the
youngest brother Reuben, who’s a gay drama queen.

He’s returned home after his gorgeous Finnish boyfriend throws him out for doing something selfish and insensitive that feels like the comic version of the set up for A Simple Plan. As his ten year old nephew says upon seeing him again, “Dad said you’d come back to stir the shit.”

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