Thursday, May 16, 2013

BBP: Bobby’s Burger Palace at the Horseshoe Casino

A tour of the bedazzled casino reveals a diner with pizzazz

The Horseshoe Casino Gaming Floor
     Neil and I finally visited the Horseshoe Casino and, yes, it’s just like Vegas except without the smoke.  This is somewhat of a relief because an elderly lady with an oxygen tank would
inevitably sit down next to me at a slot machine in Indiana and then light up a cigarette.  Horseshoe sparkles with incredible chandeliers and a friendly staff that picks up after you before you know you dropped anything.  The upstairs conference area hallways display some beautiful
The Second Floor Staircase
photographic collages of Cincinnati sites and the outdoor smoking lounges have great views.  The gaming is immediate upon entering the main casino floor, which is why we liked the central bar placement.  
The High Roller Area
Rock Bar in the Center of the Casino
Smoking Terrace on the Second Level

Café Italiano

     Restaurant options are placed around the perimeter.  Café Italiano had that sad suburban mall food court look about it.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville was a little dark and touristy with a t-shirt store next door, plus I’ve never understood Cincinnati's romance with an overweight, dopey white guy with terrible hair who had two silly hits in the late ‘70s and who happens to be one of the savviest business minds in entertainment.  I respect that he’s made more from a small talent than many with greater natural gifts.  Starbuck's was present with a competent staff and standard pricing.
The Spread Buffet
The Spread Buffet, with a relaxing atmosphere, seemed a little overwhelming for our appetites.  Jack Binion’s Steak House was sleek, though the prices are from another planet.  So, we decided on Bobby’s (Flay) Burger Palace (BBP).

BBP's Diner and Bar
     It’s a smart setup that’s somewhere between fast food and diner.  Patrons order from the burgers, sandwiches, salads, or milk shakes (some with liquor), pay at the register, and then take their seats and are served.  It reminded me of the York Steakhouse method, back when a steak did not cost $45 - $60.  

Dexter Awaits His Griddled Cheese
L.A. Burger

     Neil ordered the L.A. Burger and I chose the Napa Valley Burger.  Other local bloggers that we like and respect had issues with the burgers, but we did not.   Turkey burgers and chicken breasts are available as well.  Both burgers were ¾” patties of high quality – I’d say ground sirloin – meat and were cooked exactly to order, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Napa Valley Burger and Pistachio Milkshake
Neil’s was medium well and mine was medium rare and both looked and tasted exactly as the cashier had confirmed they would.  The L.A. had Cheddar cheese, tomato, watercress, and avocado relish while the Napa Valley had goat cheese, watercress, and Meyer lemon mustard.  In both cases, the flavor and texture of the meat was most important and neither was overwhelmed by the fixings.  Buns are toasted and have sesame seeds.  I realize that can be a problem for some people and it’s not stated.  

Sweet Potato Fries
     We shared a side order of sweet potato fries and it was generous.  The shakes are glorious, richly flavored and thick.  They’re a beverage and dessert in one.  Neil’s was coconut and he almost didn’t finish it, while mine was pistachio.  Neither of us felt rushed, though we were there at a slower time – late Tuesday afternoon.  

More BBP Dining Space
     Service was friendly, efficient, and continual.  I don’t know if patrons realize they can leave tips.  I hope so because this team really deserves them by keeping the place spotless. I find it ironic that people complain about any taxes going to things they take for granted like roads and education, which do cost money, but they’ll gamble away their hard earned pay, pensions, or social security checks that are going back to the state in some way.  I guess people want some entertainment for their tax dollar. 

     Back in 1977, McDonald’s opened its first franchise in London.  We went as part of my birthday and we thought it was very special.  (English food really stunk at that point in time).  I never liked McDonald’s as much on repeat visits in the U.S.  I can take or leave gambling, but I’d return to the Horseshoe Casino to eat at BBP.  I’m hoping it stays as special as the first time.
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