Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Buona Terra: Gelateria & Creperie

French and Italian specialties 
meet for a modern rendezvous

Buona Terra's Sleek Modern Space
     Mount Lookout Square welcomed another eatery this past Friday in the crêperie and gelatería Buona Terra.  It’s a compact, sleek space that is the epitome of contemporary modern, though without the industrial undertones of the
original It’s Just Crepes space or the new Cilantro.  It feels European, especially in the restroom’s tiling and hand dryers.  There is seating for ten so that’s something to keep in mind for those patrons planning to eat in, rather than picking up take out.

El Greco and Italian Crêpes
     We were able to find a table to have brunch, which worked out well because we wanted to order crêpes and gelato.  There are three savory crêpes and three dessert choices.  The owners emphasize and use local produce and ingredients when available.  We shared the Italian, which was filled with prosciutto, spinach, and mozzarella, plus the El Greco, filled with goat cheese, tomato, and spinach.  Both were drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, which made them too similar.  Different sauces would have made them more original.  The batter was wheat based, I think, because it was a browner pancake with a slightly grainier and crispier texture than those at It’s Just Crepes.  Both tasted really good, though we would’ve appreciated slightly more filling since they’re a little pricier – $7 or $8.  They serve Coffee Emporium Raven's Blend, which is roundly balanced, and specialty sodas.

The Gelato Display
     The gelato is both beautiful and plentiful.  Although there is UDF on the north end of the square, the closest specialty ice cream stores are Aglamesis in Oakley and Graeter’s in Hyde Park so the gelato is what could make this a destination spot or a quick drop in for neighborhood walkers.  After a number of tasting trials, we chose the Coconut, White Chocolate Lavender, and Tiramisu because these were the strongest and most complexly flavored.  Some, like the Earl Grey Tea, lacked any flavor intensity.  These were very fairly priced and mostly as good as either Dojo at Findlay Market or Madisono’s gelato.  

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Gelato! Yum!!

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