Monday, July 23, 2012

Gateway Quarter Lab Takes Flight

Dexter Explores the Gateway Quarter
     Our trip to 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab was for one purpose—dessert and coffee.  We had dined at Bakersfield OTR next door with Ann and Woody and since they don't have any sweets on the menu, our Bakersfield server suggested the lab.  On an earlier walk by one Saturday night the mood
was candlelit and romantic, but the daylight brought a different welcome to the sleek modern bar/coffee house that is the sophisticated sibling to other Tazza Mia offerings in downtown.

Strawberry and Basil Cobbler

      Caitlin Steininger of Cooking with Caitlin supplies the food creations, a selection of sampler plates and three desserts. Eric and I decided to share the Strawberry and Basil Cobbler topped with mascarpone cheese.  The flavor combinations were exquisite.  

Chocolate Budino Torte

Blueberry Danish
Ann chose the Chocolate Budino Torte artfully presented with drizzled olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.  Both creamy and flakey, this is a dessert not to be missed.  Woody opted for a Blueberry Danish, more on the conservative side but equally as good.

Pouring a Wine Flight
      The alternative side of the coffee lab is a wine bar featuring moderately priced flights of 3 wines.  The two guys next to us seemed to be enjoying their midday "flight".  
Bloody Mary Bar
A bar of condiments behind us was set up as a Bloody Mary Bar where you could create a unique concoction in your own little lab.

      The menu is constantly changing, so your visit may be completely different.  We've been there twice within a few months and the menu was almost entirely varied.  Sunday Brunch is a surprise every week and is left to the whim of the chef.  The great thing is that it's completely consistent in the quality of its cuisine, adventurous in its offerings, and personalized with its service.

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