Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blublu: A Reason to Visit Mt. Healthy

Dexter on the Outdoor Terrace
     Neil wanted to check out blublu because there aren’t a lot of Greek restaurants in the region.  It’s a storefront on Hamilton Avenue with an old walk up window looking out on what is now a pleasantly decorated exterior terrace.  It’s a simple, clean space painted in white and a pale, sea blue
inside and out.  We haven't been to Greece, but the feeling was that we were in a coastal village stumbling on to a calm
Upstairs Dining Room
oasis.  Beyond the outdoor seating area, there’s the main floor that faces the open kitchen and an upstairs space.  We saw a number of patrons place or pick up take out orders while we were at blublu.

     I ordered the Greek Iced Tea, which was a blend of a number of different herbal and black teas and altogether very refreshing.  Like everything else at blublu, it was a home brew directly from the premises.

Greek Stew with Lamb Over Rice
Lisa chose the Greek Stew, a tomato based sauce with lamb, mushrooms, squash, peppers (and I thought eggplant) served on rice.  It had a complex flavor, powered by a number of different spices, and really tasted good.

Neil and I shared an order of Spanakopita.  This is a popular appetizer at many Greek and Mediterranean restaurants and blublu’s version held up.  The best element was the mint underpinning, while the weakest element was its greasiness.  Neil really liked the oven baked potatoes and the Tzatziki sauce that were served with the Roast Lamb, but he wanted a little more meat.  I thought the lamb tasted good – it didn’t have that gaminess that can turn off some people – but it was slightly dry.  The Mousaka that I ate was excellent.  It was a large portion with tender eggplant and potatoes making up the layers with the ground beef and a strong béchamel sauce that had a hint of mace or nutmeg.

Roast Lamb Served with Oven Baked Potatoes and Tzatziki Sauce

     The service was professional and efficient, though it bothered me that the waiter handed me my serving and did the same thing with a patron at the adjacent table.  I wanted to say “come around the table or pass the plate between other patrons.”  The prices are very fair and, overall, it was a pleasant dining experience.

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I love Greek food and, you are right, there are not that many places in Cincy that offer good Greek food.

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