Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rusty's Wharf Conjures Up Recipes From the Sea (And Land Too)

There's the stereotype that all cats like fish but I really don't care for it.  I much prefer chicken...and lattes!

      My niece's family had recommended Rusty's Wharf so when I recently visited them in Columbus we decided to all go there for lunch.  It opened in November of 2010 in a small strip center in Pataskala.  Owned by Lisa, she also created the recipes and makes all of the food with the help of her Mom and family.  Arthur Treacher's and Long John Silver's were the influence here since Lisa worked previously at both.  But her recipes are lighter and more flavorful than theirs and she also adds her talent to the desserts that are offered.  

Rusty's New England Interior
      The interior is definitely rustic New England with lots of accessories to enjoy while dining.  The menu is simple (although still expanding) as was the case of the new offering of Baked Fish the day we were there.  Orders are placed at the counter and then delivered to the table of your choice.  There were seven of us dining
with most of us choosing the Fish Basket consisting of 2 pieces of fish, chips, and 2 hushpuppies.  Prices are extremely fair with the aforementioned basket currently at $5.  A side and drink can be added for an additional $1.50.  Sides include cole slaw, baked beans, mac & cheese, and a garden salad or extra fish, chicken, or hushpuppies.  Chicken, clams, shrimp, and smelts (and combinations thereof) are also served.  

Baked Fish with Rice
Fish Basket
Spiral Baklava
John and Bryce chose the Baked Fish, which I found to be lightly topped with breadcrumbs and herbs and flaky throughout served on a bed of rice.  Our fish n' chips stayed hot the entire time we were dining, which allowed us to fully enjoy the light batter and delicate fish inside.  The chips were light and crispy also.  Stan had the chicken that we found to be of the same quality.  The dessert case was full of homemade goods so I asked for a recommendation.  The cashier said the Spiral Baklava was her favorite, and so it was.  It was light, filled with nuts and honey, but not too sweet.  Enough to make me want to sample all of the offerings in the dessert case as well as the rest of the menu!  Service was prompt, friendly and courteous with Lisa visiting tables to assure things had been satisfactory.  That's always a nice touch.  Based on my initial visit, I feel it deserves your attention and patronage for a long time to come.

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