Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking Color Trends Seriously

Neil's really in to color and design, and Eric and I appreciate his efforts around the house.  We're always wondering what he'll do next.  I've heard him talking lately about a holiday theme.  I haven't a clue what that means but I think it somehow involves decorating, which he has explained to me.

Out of the Blue by Cindy Allman
     Forecasting color trends is a little like forecasting the weather.  There is what has historically happened, and then there's the unknown "storm" that can change everything.  We saw that happen with 9/11 when we were forced to look at how we were living, and our vulnerabilities that the event brought to the forefront.  We started focusing on our lives at home and looked to colors that were soft and safe.  Then, as we became more comfortable and secure (2004 – 2008), brighter colors started creeping into the mix until things became more uncertain and colors again became more grounded around 2009.  

      So, how do trends start?  Well, researchers at various companies start to study the cultural, political, and social influences of society to determine what we will want in the coming years.  Back in the 90's when I was working for Mercantile Stores, the fashion coordinators would make their yearly trek to St. Tropez to determine new movements.  They would return to unveil to the entire corporate office what they had discovered by visiting the markets and seeing certain color and design trends surface.  I was never convinced why they had to do this in St. Tropez (OK, I was jealous), but I now realize the significance of having those guidelines to work from.  Without them, designers and buyers have no place to take off from and ultimately deliver what the customer wants.  Whether you're dressing yourself, decorating your home, or hosting a party, you'll need to know what will be offered and what to look for.  And, that's what I'll reveal in a future post!  Look for it soon.

More of Cindy Allman's paintings can be viewed at:

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