Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Color Trends Work for You

Well, I'm finally feeling much better but still taking it easy.  Just catching up with a few things around the office.  Neil's been waiting to share his third installment on the new trends, and it looks as though some of my favorite pillows already fit into the (color) scheme of things.

     Hopefully, you're excited about the new color trends and have already chosen your favorites.  Now you can use this list to choose accents, or as the basis to pair with other colors on the list (or your own).  Try choosing one of the Luminous Tones (such as Gladiola) and adding it to something as simple as black and white, which is always in style.  Or take a Cultured Neutral (Aqua-Sphere) and combine it with an Opulent Shade (Forest Moss).  Mix them up.  They're meant to complement one another.

Cultured Neutrals
Cultured Neutrals 
These are the new, or updated, neutrals that are great on their own or combined with any of the other colors on the list.  Think of them as
the base color for your outfit or the wall color of a room.  Choose one that suits you best and spin off from that.
• Peanut Shell is a caramel beige that is especially stunning when used to offset the brighter and richer red tones on the list. 
• Pine Cone is a dark brown that is meant to be the new alternative to black.  You've seen it combined with blues for several years, but it's time to move on to the brighter and richer colors on the list.
• Lavender Mist is a soft orchid with gray undertones that blends and complements all the other colors.  It's a throwback to Hollywood and the interiors of the 30's.  
• Aqua-Sphere, a medium gray/blue, is either relaxing when combined with Forest Moss and Anjou Pear or vibrant when paired with Gladiola and Dragon Fruit.

Opulent Shades
Opulent Shades
Rich jewel tones pop up now and then demanding our attention.  They're so adaptable that they work well on their own or together with others from the list.  They also make for a lot of drama as wall colors or accessory and trim colors for the home.
• Regal Purple is a dense color that works best with tactile fabrics.  It adds a lot of drama when paired with the Cultured Neutrals.  Combining it with the Luminous Tones creates a lot of attention.  
• Forest Moss is a rich earth tone that adds sophistication to other Opulent Shades and Cultured Neutrals.  I think of it as a base color, like moss or grass in nature.
• Beau Green is a dark teal that acts as a counterpoint to many of the colors.  It's particularly memorable when set against Forest Moss and Dragon Fruit.  

Luminous Tones
Luminous Tones
These colors stand on their own in fashion but work best when paired with other colors from the list in the home.  I think of them more as colorful accessories.
  • Anjou Pear is yellow with green undertones that complements most of the colors on the list.  It can be a stunning color on the runway.  However, there is a home in our neighborhood painted this color so, again, a little goes a long way and it is best to be used sparingly with interiors and exteriors.
• Gladiola is a vibrant orange that's a show stopper! We've already seen it worn by Jennifer Hudson on the red carpet, and Oprah on her trip to Australia.  The next step is to combine it with Regal Purple or Beau Green, and Dragon Fruit for home interiors.
• Dragon Fruit is the most forward color on the list.  Look for it to appear together with other fuchsia tones for shockers, but as a great combination with any color on the list.  I predict this color to be the most seen in seasons to come.

      Hopefullly, one or more of these colors have inspired you for some change.  If you find some of these shades just too much for you, then tone them down by lightening them for a softer but still modern look.  Remember, these are trends and as with all good things, they too will be replaced (or refined) about a year.

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