Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New Color Trend List

I've checked out the new colors.  Not bad.  I'm curious as to what you think.  

     We're still recovering from a financial crisis, fighting wars, and trying to remain hopeful about the future.  All that factors into what will be available for purchase in the coming year.  Most of these hues debuted at Fall Fashion Week earlier this spring so they'll start appearing in clothing starting this fall.  It may take a while longer for them to surface in home products, but keep them on your radar for when you see them.  You'll find some of them paired together in fabric prints, which is your cue to do the same with your fashions and interiors.  

      The ten color trends are listed with corresponding names from various
paint companies.  Paint chips are the easiest and most convenient way to share the colors that you'll want to be inspired by in the months ahead.   To further simplify, the list is divided into three categories:

Cultured Neutrals 

Peanut Shell— Benjamin Moore

Pine Cone— Benjamin Moore

Lavender Mist— Benjamin Moore

Aqua-Sphere— Sherwin-Williams

Opulent Shades

Regal Purple— Behr

Forest Moss— Benjamin Moore

Beau Green— Benjamin Moore

Luminous Tones

Anjou Pear— Sherwin-Williams

Gladiola— Sherwin-Williams

Dragon Fruit— Sherwin-William

      The key here is to refresh, but don't overdo it.  In my third post on color trends, I'll share with you ideas on how to put it all together.

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Meowers from Missouri said...

what excellent color sense you haff! we likes "dragon fruit" an' mom's awful fond of aqua-sphere.

we read yer "desperate dexter" story inna left sidebar, an' are furry glad you got a nexcellent fureffur home where we could meetcha. we hopes you liff a long, happy, healthy life there!

Who is Dexter? said...

Thanks for checking us out! I've been on antibiotics since Saturday but I'm finally feeling better. Catching up on things today. I'm glad you liked my story and the other ones the guys have helped with. Aren't the colors beautiful? I'm preparing another final post on color trends that will be out soon.