Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rose’s Fine Foods: How To Be Old School and Cutting Edge Simultaneously

The epitome of Detroit’s 
past and future food scene

     In a part of Detroit where every third house is abandoned with smashed out windows, there is a bastion of hope – politically, culturally, and racially – named Rose’s Fine Foods.  It’s a breakfast-lunch diner with rough wooden tables, sturdy chairs, and everything made from scratch.  It emanates a relaxed, earthy vibe for a broadly diverse clientele with service that’s intelligent and warm.  They actually pay their wait staff a living wage and the tips are donated to a different charity monthly.  Elements of the experience reminded me of Melt in Cincinnati’s Northside or The Electric Cheetah in Grand Rapids.

Big Girl Deluxe
     After discussing selections with our server, Neil ordered the Big Girl Deluxe, billed as a salad inside a sandwich.  The chicken really was succulent with herbed yogurt dressing, a piquant organic cheddar cheese slice and greens.  I had the 
Fancy Egg Sandwich
Fancy Egg sandwich, which had a fried egg, marinara sauce (almost a jam in texture), and melted cheddar though I didn’t notice it.  The most significant ingredient was the parmesan-breaded fried cauliflower that made it sing.  It may even have been marinated.  The side of grits was traditional, simple, and smooth; there were no fashionable ingredients added.  Both dishes were served on thick slices of homemade bread with slices of pickled turnip on the side.

Cry Baby Donut
     We wanted dessert because they’re all freshly prepared in their kitchen.  Neil liked the doughy, cake-like Cry Baby donut, which was maple with nuts.  He wished it had been more of yeast texture.  The donut flavor changes daily.  I had the Pear 
Pear Vanilla Cake
Vanilla cake, which was akin to a pineapple upside down cake..  It also was dense, but with just the right amount of caramelized fruit.  The coffee was really good too.

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