Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gas Light Cafe

The debatable #2 city burger

 The #2 Gas Light Burger
      We've been remiss in hitting the dining options in our neighborhood and the Gas Light Cafe was one of those never making it to the top of our list.  Then, CIncinnati Magazine once again called them out in their burger issue as being their #2 choice in the city, moving it up in their rankings from #4 a mere four years ago.  That was enough to make us take notice and call Jan and Mike (burger foodie friends-bff's) to join us for the tasting.  

Art Deco Appeal
      There's nothing appealing about the Gas Light from Montgomery Road next to Everybody's Records.  In fact, you might even walk or drive right by it.  No windows from the street give it that seedy, dive bar look that turns back time and then some.  The inside boasts a lot of art deco wood designs that I'm assuming were original pieces.  We chose a Friday 
A Bustling Friday Night
night for our excursion, appropriately during Burger Week in Cincinnati.  The place was bustling, but we found a folding table at the front door that would serve our purpose.  There's nothing fancy about this place or its presentation, so I was prepared to leave my hoity-toity attitude outside the door.  

      Every Saturday night was burger fare at our house growing up.  Mom's was well done (she felt everything should be cooked that way) causing me to slightly soften my palate in later years. I also grew up with McDonalds, Burger Chef and Burger Boy Food-O-Rama (BBF-home of the twirling satellite to Columbusites).  So…my burger mastery was ready to take action with the Gas Light Burger.

Gas Light Burger with Onion Rings
      To make things simple, we all ordered the same aforementioned and heralded burger.  It comes with American cheese, head lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise.  Eric ordered his rare and without mayonnaise.  Our server warned that the burgers are produced at the cook's discretion, which was usually on the well done side.  I could see the disappointment.  After all, Cincinnati Magazine had mentioned that the Gas Light cooks their burgers to order.  I can assure you, that was not the case.  In fact, all the burgers came to the table prepared in the same manner—well done and with mayonnaise.  It was a deal breaker for Eric.  He didn't want to send it back, which I can appreciate since we were with friends, but I've come to believe one should get what he or she orders.  The restaurant deserves the chance to make it right.  Otherwise, one leaves an unsatisfied customer, which is what happened in this case.  The rest of us were more pleased, although none of us thought it was the second best in our city.  It was a very good hand-pattied burger and the bun was key, but our biggest gripe was that it fell apart.  Making a burger that's hard work to eat is not much fun.  The sides that were 
Waffle Fries
touted by CM (Waffle Fries and Onion Rings) were nothing that would elevate them to stardom.  For those joining the craft beer craze, there is a nice selection on the blackboard that changes daily.

      How to save the evening for Eric: a trip to Aglamesis for ice cream afterwards.

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