Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DiStasi's Sunday Brunch

A Mary Poppin's Seal of Approval—
practically perfect in every way

      A few weeks ago, Eric and I decided to check out DiStasi's Sunday Brunch.  I had met with them regarding an upcoming brunch event so I thought we should at least get a preview of what to expect.  I had a positive impression from meeting with Mary Ann DiStasi so I pretty much just wanted to confirm how I already felt.  

DiStasi's Bar and Dining Room
     The space has been completely redesigned from the former Sturkey's restaurant.  The bar and dining area was warm with wood tones and natural textures, lit with a row of windows looking out onto the gazebo in the adjacent Wyoming park.  Distasi's operates primarily as an event and banquet facility so expect your dining experience to be possibly shared with a special occasion party.  The layout of the restaurant allows for them to be in separate rooms, so you will only be sharing the food with them.  Speaking of which, replenishing the food items occurred well beyond the designated closing time. 

The Pastry Table
     The spread was just the right size…a table of bite-sized Breakfast Pastries, Fruit Salad and Lox & Bagels.  The other long table held a row of heated servers filled with fluffy Cherry Blintzes, some of the best Sausage Gravy anywhere and a hearty Beef Stroganoff (the pasta selection changes weekly).  
My First Plate
When hit with a buffet offering multiple choices, the common sense thing to do would be to fill one's plate with smaller portions so that more offerings can be sampled.  That works for the first plating, but pacing is left behind when you find more choices than usual that definitely require a second serving.  That was the case at DiStasi's.  Everything was so good that we couldn't just eat a little.  Oh, to have some of those delicate pastries right now…mmmm!

     Of course, not everything hit the mark.  The biscuits were hard from being on the warming tray too long (perhaps a covered basket would work better) and the eggs were cold at times depending on when your were getting them.  But all in all, my expectations were met…and then some.

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