Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Maribelle's Eat + Drink

a boycott ended with delight

Maribelle's Eat + Drink
     Quite frankly, we've avoided Maribelle's since they moved to their new location in Oakley.  The reason was simple…their new menu.  When we checked it out shortly after their re-opening, the emphasis seemed to be on the "drink" in their
new name with little that was inspiring in the "eat" category.  So when Sue, Mary and Jenny announced that was the dining choice before our night at the movies, we were both disappointed and open-minded.  It wasn't long after our arrival that we realized we had been depriving ourselves.

     The menu had changed…a lot.  There was still emphasis on mixed drinks, but where the real creativity appeared was in the variety of eats that was always Maribelle's signature work.  We all went straight for our entrées with a few of us honing in on the specials of Scallop with Risotto and Cubano
Cubano Sandwich and Sweet Potatoes
Sandwich.  Eric and I both found the Cubano an inspired version of a classic presented panini style with gherkin pickles.  A side dish is included with all sandwiches from a nice list including our picks of Sweet Potato with whipped goat cheese and candied pecans, and the Roasted Cauliflower with brown butter and white anchovy.  Both were intriguing takes on what some might consider boring vegetables. Sue chose the Daily Fish (cod) on Salted Rye, finding it very good topped with fennel chow chow and lemon aioli, but a bit messy to eat if one were on a date.  Jenny went with her
Raw Kale Salad
Mac & Cheese
favorite combo of Raw Kale Salad with bourbon figs and shaved parmesan cheese, and the Mac & Cheese made with white cheddar and gruyere.  She's a regular at Maribelle's and knows what she likes.

Coconut Cream Pie

     We fortunately had time for desserts and, as with the older location, they rock!  Two daily specials (assuming there are no regulars on the menu) were calling us. The Coconut Cream Pie was presented in a strudel shell over a bourbon sauce, while the Banana Nut Bread Pudding had the look, taste and consistency of a sticky bun. Both left us wanting more.

The Reinvented Space
     Maribelle's Eat + Drink is located in the former Hugo location (a sad pause as we remember those memorable meals).  They've taken over only the bar portion of that space, expanding the seating area and exposing the kitchen.  It was an adventurous undertaking, but the results make it a fun place to eat + drink. 

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