Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mariner’s Pier Express

A lunch spot that’s a hot spot in Jamestown, NY

What to Order?
     While on the way to picking up a marriage license in Jamestown, New York, we ran into a local who graciously
Mariner's Pier Express
recommended a couple of restaurants for lunch.  Around the corner from the city building, we stopped at Mariner’s Pier Express at 122 East 3rd Street.  I use the address because it’s the sort of place that people might walk by and not think twice about.  This would be a shame because the food’s great and the back-story fascinates.

Chicken Strawberry Salad
Black and Bleu Burger

     Lisa ordered the Chicken Strawberry Salad, a special that day, which was generous and beautifully presented.  The chicken was
sautéed to order as was Neil’s Black and Bleu Burger, which he thought was really good.  I chose the Eggplant Sandwich,
An Impromptu Vegetable Panini
but they didn’t have that vegetable.  However, they had asparagus and the chef asked if he might mix it with a number of other vegetables.  He did and it’s one of the best grilled sandwiches I’ve eaten.  Chef/owner Christopher Merchant came around asking people how they were doing and if everything was okay with the food.  Later, we shared a chocolate dipped cannoli, which was a treat.

The Eclectic Ledge at Mariner's
     Neil noted the artwork and gold and platinum records on the ledge around the room and asked Christopher about them.  The records are his sister’s, who had to cancel part of her tour because of illness.  We didn’t actually know his name at that point, but it turned out that his sister is Natalie Merchant.  (Later, we saw pictures of 10,000 Maniacs at the Cultural Arts Center and around downtown, but I’m not certain I would have made the connection).  The gallery quality art is by his late mother and it was very touching to hear about her.  

Downtown Jamestown, NY
     Fine public artwork adorns a number of buildings in downtown.  Jamestown is most well known as the birthplace of Lucille Ball.  She and other famous hometown people are honored with street banners throughout the downtown area.   Jay Leno headlines the Annual Comedy Fest 2014, which begins August 6th each year (Lucy's birthday) and has become a significant event with famous performers as well as up and comers.

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Jamestown UpClose said...

Great to see that you enjoyed your visit to Jamestown. Chris is a great guy and a wonderful cook. Thanks for stopping by our little city.

Dexter said...

We had a great time in your little city with lots of memories. We hope to return sometime soon!