Monday, May 5, 2014

Size Matters

A Star in Cincinnati looking for commercials in New York

     Ray McAnally has demonstrated his outsize talent locally in the past few years, but finally pulls full focus in the world premiere of his one-man show Size Matters at Ensemble Theatre.  Co-directed by D. Lynn Meyers and Ed Stern, this production moves smoothly and plays to McAnally’s strengths
as a performer.  We saw a dress rehearsal so there are some writing and technical details that may be worked out before opening.

McAnally Portrays
His Nephew, Morgan
     The play consists of McAnally relating stories of his youth, professional career, and marriage while balancing his weight issues.  In a size 40-jacket world, he’s a 54.  He narrates with warmth and charm, while creating over two dozen characters.  His focus is razor-sharp throughout so that the audience is never confused about who is speaking or whom he is talking about.  One of his specialties is in playing a child character (as he displayed in Miss Mannerly), and that comes to the forefront as Ray interacts with his young nephew.  McAnally acts with vibrant relish and his ace in the hole is his personal attractiveness, based upon his personality, intelligence, and physical looks.

     The spare set works well for projections and for placing various scenes.  There were some adjustments being made for follow spots and light levels.  The final verbal/physical image needs to be punctuated a little more strongly so that the audience realizes that’s the end of the show.  Otherwise, this will be a crowd pleaser. 

Size Matters runs May 7-25, 2014.

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