Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cincinnati Thanks!

It’s livable, mostly affordable, and a combination of Northern Tough and Southern Charm

     It’s that time of year to show our gratitude, especially in the great region of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky.  We hate hearing people knock Porkopolis and its environs because
what other places of this size can top the following?

Dexter Helping Shauna
at Christ Hospital

     Christ Hospital’s Pulmonary unit - A superb medical and support staff made this a Godsend for us this year.  How fortunate we are to have Christ, Mercy, UC, and St. E’s hospital systems in the region!

Jim Dine's
Pinocchio (Emotional) at CAM

      Cincinnati Art Museum – Ignore all the gossip about Board and staff issues at the Museum.  They’re still hosting great exhibits with some of the best-built sets and accessories.

Outside Terry's Turf Club
     Whether gastropub, bistro, neighborhood spot, or four star dining experience, the portfolio of restaurants in the region is pretty much second to only New Orleans for a city this size.  Gastropub faves:  Möerlein, Wurst Bar, Incline House, Senate; Bistro faves:  Zula (Zula, Zula!),
Walnut Brownies at Zula
Via Vite, Enoteca Emilia, Kaze; Neighborhood faves:  Lemongrass, Sugar ‘n’ Spice, Annabel’s, Kitchen 452, Gordo’s, Adriatico’s, Terry’s Turf Club, Cilantro, Thai Namtip, Melt, Eli’s BBQ, Vitor’s; Four star dining faves:  Orchids, Nicola’s, Jean Robert’s Table, The Palace, Bouquet (caveat:  we haven’t tried Boca or Sotto yet).

     What other mid-size city has a Broadway Series that has the largest subscription base per capita in the U.S., a regional theatre that has won two Tonys (Playhouse in the Park), another that produces regional and national premieres
Entrance to Ensemble Theatre
(Ensemble), yet another that presents the classics (Cincinnati Shakespeare Company), and a company with a great space that tries out about anything and has the courage to take its licks plus puts on a Fringe Festival (Know Theatre)?  Add to that an enthusiastic calendar of various types of performances in northern Kentucky (Carnegie Arts Center).  We’re also blessed with a leading academic performance center (UC College Conservatory of Music, which needs to consider some risks in the future to justify its reputation) and a rising one (Northern Kentucky University, which deserves greater attention than it presently receives).

Lumenocity in Washington Park
     We have a wonderful Symphony/Pops Orchestra (Lumenocity was talked about internationally), intriguing museums (Museum Center), and a killer radio station (WNKU, which plays just about everything except classical and WGUC, which does only that).

Great American Ball Park
     There are sports of all sorts for all tastes from the Reds and the Bengals to the Bearcats, the Musketeers, and the Norse.
Masters Series Tennis Tournament
Add to that the internationally renowned Masters Series in Tennis, the Kentucky Speedway, and the cutting edge Labor Day Weekend Rozzi/WEBN Fireworks, and it’s pretty spectacular.  

The Banks on the River
     We know that there’s been controversy over the Streetcar, but let’s focus on The Banks, which I didn’t see ever being completed or taking off as well as it has (dopey me) and the extraordinary, stealth renaissance of Over-the-Rhine in The
Pedal Wagon in the Gateway Quarter
Gateway Quarter.  Okay, landlords, don’t get greedy and shove up rents and, if you do, you better find another tenant because nothing screams economic downturn more than empty buildings all in a row.

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