Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CIncinnati Art Museum Commencement

The how of who's behind those special gallery tours

Undergrowth with Two Figures by Vincent Van Gogh
      Every few years, there are between 25 and 30 volunteers that give up every Tuesday night for a year (and several more hours per week of their personal time) to a cause they find very fulfilling.  We have a friend among that group this past year and we went to her graduation last evening to join the
elite Docent Corps at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  

      The process began with 65 résumés from which only 30 candidates were selected in 2013.  Most museums accept all applicants, but Cincinnati's governing board chooses only the finest after interviewing each one.  A year of studying art history and the museum's permanent collection, along with tour training and strategies, culminated with an acceptance into the heralded Docent Corps.  

The Cast of In the Undergrowth with Andrew
To highlight the new inductees' talents, they were requested to stage a skit centered around a masterpiece.  This year, they chose Undergrowth with Two Figures by Vincent Van Gogh, a highlight of the CAM permanent collection.  As one of only a few pieces sold by Van Gogh while he was still living, the artwork came to life with an educational and charming story written by our friend, Katherine Meyer, and Olga Duarte.  Some of the class felt it was too far out of their comfort zone and chose not to participate, but we felt it was a perfect way for the museum to showcase the inner personal skills of their new found docents.  

May all future tours enjoy their talents! 

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