Monday, April 1, 2013

Persian Nights Fills Missing Niché

Kabobs, belly dancing, and a family passion

Dexter Oogles the Pastries
      Let's get right to the food because that is where Persian Nights really soars.  Eric immediately chose the Lamb Shank special when it was recommended by our server.  I asked for
other favorites and she spoke highly of anything made with chicken.  She did not steer us wrong.  

Lamb Shank with Baghali Polo
The lamb was tender, falling with ease from the bone.  It was served with Baghali Polo, an Iranian rice dish usually made with lima beans, but this version contained fava beans and lively spices dominated by dill.  Both of our basmati rice dishes were some of the lightest, most flavorful and perfectly cooked grains I have ever eaten.  (My leftovers the second night revived them to their original status—a feat hardly ever possible).  

Chicken Kabobs
My Chicken Kabob was moist and tender swathed in traditional spices.  Our meals were accompanied with either shirazi salad (diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, mint and lemon juice) or cucumbers in yogurt.  
Dough Yogurt Drink
Eric tried the Dough Yogurt Drink, a refreshing, savory yogurt and mint concoction.  It reminded me of buttermilk.  The homemade sesame seed noon bread demanded a second round.  A liquor license is in the works, but BYOB is the current status.

      The Mostofi family obviously knows how to please from the kitchen.  Father and Mother are at the helm covering proteins and sides, with the daughter as pastry maven and the son-in-law as manager.  Their staff was helpful and efficient.  The dining area is off to a good start with tables and chairs covered in Scheherazade style.  The look is smart, but lacks intimacy that could be remedied with the addition of some Persian rugs, window treatments, and added large wall décor placed at eye level.  It still has that strip mall look and its presence demands much better.  Dance performers and live music are the entertainment once a month with a special menu available.


Unknown said...

The restaurant's address, phone number and hours would be useful information...

Dexter said...

We try to provide the restaurants website (or in this case their facebook page) so that those readers interested can check the information. Sometimes hours change, especially until a restaurant is established. Their address is 7967 Cincinnati Dayton Road, West Chester, OH. Hope you'll give them a try, and sorry for the inconvenience!