Monday, April 29, 2013

Back in the Day at BBQ Revue

Classic recipes and a great offering of meat selections

Dexter and Pig at BBQ Revue Entrance
      There have been freestanding BBQ smokers, or ones alongside a restaurant, for many years now.  It's an American original.  But a phenomenon has happened in the past few years that has elevated barbecue to high cuisine and even
presented one of those local establishments (we couldn't be more happy for Eli's in breaking that barrier) as a Top 10 Restaurant in the March 2013 issue of Cincinnati Magazine.

The BBQ Revue Smoker
       Before all of that, there was a garage in Madisonville with a smoker outside that attracted lots of attention.  We would stop by after work and pick up dinner at the BBQ Revue.  It became quite a habit until it moved up Madison Road in 2001 to its present location at a repurposed Frisch's.  It lost some of its roots in the transition (but none of the flavor), while acquiring additional indoor dining and kitchen space.

The Menu Board
      Eric and I hadn't been there for years when it came to mind on the way back from a movie at The Mariemont.  Nothing had changed on the menu other than prices, I'm assuming.  Pulled Pork and Chicken are a feature, but Eric and I always preferred the Pork Loin and Brisket.  (Yes, we're giving the pulled meat nods to other establishments.) The quality of the meat was always their forte and that has remained consistent through the years.  Both were tender and melt-in-your-mouth.  

Pork Loin Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Eric likes the smokey and spicy homemade sauce, but I prefer mine to be sweeter and less spicy so I generally would have my pork loin sandwich sans sauce or with a dab of mustard.  I feel the great flavors of the seasoned meat comes through much better without the overpowering sauce.  As with all BBQ sauces, it's really a personal preference.  
Side Dishes
The side dishes were always a highlight too, although I'm still lamenting the long gone stewed tomatoes.  Their Macaroni & Cheese is some of the best.  Not in the league of 5 star restaurant interpretations, but it is simply a classic recipe.  Eric had the Green Beans strewn with pieces of the pulled pork.  My Baked Beans were on the spicy side, no doubt kicked up a bit with their BBQ sauce.  A night of nostalgic high cuisine.

BBQ Revue Dining Room
      One note of frustration is their use of styrofoam dinnerware and plastic utensils.  It does bring down the overall dining experience to a "take out on the premises".  And why can't anyone design a plastic spoon that doesn't cut or pierce one's lip?

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O-Town HD said...

There used to be this grand painting on the wall at BBQ Revue, featuring an apocalypse of fire in an otherwise pastoral setting, featuring a massive pig as a horsemen visiting flame on fleeing villagers. Or something like that, anyway it was awesome. It's not there anymore, tragically.

We can't walk Bobby past the BBQ Revue pig, it traumatizes the hell out of him (in the funniest way)