Monday, November 19, 2012

Please crown Melissa Rycroft DWTS All-Star Winner Now

How many more weeks left of this endless season when Melissa is clearly ahead?

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani
     I’ll admit that I liked, but didn’t really think Melissa Rycroft was terrific when Dancing with the Stars All-Stars premiered this fall.  I forgot she came in third behind Shawn Johnson and Gilles Marini on season eight.  Even more significantly, I forgot she replaced an injured Nancy O’Dell with only two days to
practice when that season began.  About four weeks ago, I watched her and thought – yup, she’s incredible.  Neil and Judy had both thought so since the beginning, but her relentlessly perky attitude and huge smile alienated me.  However, she has nailed dance after dance.  

     Gilles was voted off, mainly because he was almost perfect, but he never let down his guard and Shawn is physically unbeatable, but she has the emotional range of a community theatre actress – she knows what she’s supposed to be like ‘in her character’ and she tries, but there’s no charisma, no star power about her.  Kelly and Val need to purchase a hotel room.  Haven’t we all had enough of ‘their special relationship’?  He obviously hasn’t and I hate to see anyone hurt, but I don’t think her feelings for him run quite as deep.  Emmitt is a wonderful person and I respect his career, his life choices, you name it.  However (not that I could dance like that in a million years), I think his dancing is not on the same level as the others’ and may be over-rated by the judges.  Apolo is an unbelievably hard worker, but he’s also won before (as have Emmitt, Shawn, and Kelly) and that seems like a little too much gold for one guy.  Award Melissa the Mirrorball now!

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