Saturday, November 24, 2012

Madhatter’s Café and Tea House: Wonderland in San Antonio

The excellent $6 lunch still exists at an enchanting location in King William

Madhatters' Wonderland
     Neil had read about Madhatter’s Café and Tea House before we went to San Antonio.  We drove by it on our first day there while checking out the King William neighborhood.  It’s a historical section with beautiful historic homes, some of which are undergoing renovation.  It reminded us a little of the Garden district in New Orleans or Clifton in Cincinnati.  

The Main Dining Room
     It’s a rambling, beautiful property with indoor and outdoor dining spaces.  The clientele is extraordinarily diverse and the staff is simultaneously very welcoming, laidback, and
extremely efficient.  This will sound peculiar, but it feels a little like the ambience of the TV show Evening Shade from twenty years ago and I mean that as a compliment.  What makes it a must to visit is the $6 El Cheapo plate with many choices for a half sandwich, soup, chips, and salsa.    

Egg Salad
Jalapeño Tuna Salad
     Neil ordered the Egg Salad, which was very good and I had the Jalapeño Tuna with Avocado, which was both creamy and tangy.  We liked the soup though, in all honesty, I can’t remember what it was and I didn’t write it in my notes.  

Homemade Desserts 
Upside-Down Cherry Pie
The desserts are made locally and there are cakes and pies.  We chose pie because it’s generally harder to find on menus nowadays and we’re always looking to check out crust (yes, I know how that sounds).  The Upside-down Cherry Pie was akin to a Linzer Torte and topped with sliced, caramelized almonds, while the Blueberry Pie had a thick filling, complexly flavored with cinnamon.     

The Tempting Iced Tea Bar
     There’s also an iced tea bar, where you can even mix some of the selections.  Madhatter’s hasn’t been open more than a couple of years, but it has an extensive following and, if you’re not there by about 11:45 a.m., you’ll face quite a wait at lunchtime.

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Of course my friend, the Cheshire Cat, was there!

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