Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Buffet of Epic Pro-"Portions"

Entrance to Epic Buffet
      The buffet at the Hollywood Casino has been a favorite of ours since the original Argosy days.  It's waned off course in recent years, but has now undergone a major remodeling so Paul and I set out for an inspection and taste test.  I always
liked the themed aspect of the original dining rooms.  
The Remodeled Dining Room
They were cheesy and somewhat over the top, but now they're redesigned in neutral tones with sleek furnishings looking like an extensive Pottery Barn dining space.  I think I miss the old décor, although Paul prefers the new look.

Entering the Buffet Line
      Now named the Epic Buffet, one gets the double entendre with the Hollywood movie association and the take on portraying a buffet like no other.  We weren't disappointed!  

My Buffet Plate
I've always thought their Pot Roast was the best anywhere and I was pleased to see it back.  It's so tender and juicy I could have an entire plate of it.  Fish can be hit or miss with it sometimes becoming too dry from overexposure to the steam heat.  The salad section has been pared down, but still looked fresh.  My sampling of the Ham, Macaroni, and Tortellini Salads were as flavorful as ever.  Vegetables have always been another standout here.  I'm assuming that many of them come from a corporate supplier, but they have been combined in a way that they never have that appearance or taste.  The Dried Tomato Bread Pudding was both original and a favorite that day.  The Sweet Potato Casserole was just like Mom used to make.  The Succotash had a cream sauce—something that Mom never thought of.  

      There was also a featured Cuisine of the Day.  Mexican was spotlighted with a Make Your Own Taco Bar and Chili.  Other emphasized cuisines include Italian and Seafood depending on the day of your visit.  Stations of Pizza (always excellent) and Breads are offered daily.  

Cherry Pie with Soft Serve Ice Cream

Pie and Cake Case
      Desserts have their own area.  The selection was wide and should be thought about before making a second (or third) visit to the main buffet.  Pies and cakes were close to tasting homemade.  The Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce is a signature item along with a featured Fruit Crumble.  There were sugar 
free offerings as well.  There's always room for Soft Serve Ice Cream and Fresh Baked Cookies.  I took a couple along with me to enjoy in the Casino.  Actually, they didn't make it there!

      So was the Epic Buffet epic? All-in-all, the food was still very, very good.  The value is not as excellent as it used to be, but many of the patrons were most likely using credits from their casino visit and that makes it all worthwhile.

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Neil says that 'Cats' is his favorite slot machine.  I think I had a little influence on him.  Now if he'd only win!

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