Friday, October 28, 2011

CIty Barbeque...Smoked, Pulled, and Plated

The Order Line and Pick Up Counter

      City Barbeque delivers all the quality and side dishes that one would expect from a barbeque joint.  The meats are smoked on the premises with the wood piled outside and the smokers protruding from the restaurant.  Most of the inspiration for the menu is Southern...corn pudding, sweet vinegar slaw, hush puppies, and more.  It's a very good value too.

Pulled Pork, Corn Pudding, and Sweet Potato Casserole
Premium Salad
      Karen and I have visited a couple of times since the busy opening a few months ago.  Both times I've had the Pulled Pork (naked, with no bun) with Corn Pudding and the seasonal Sweet Potato Casserole.  There are three barbeque sauces to choose from but I prefer the Sweet Sauce because that's what it is.  The pork was lean and tender with a light smoked flavor.  The pudding was like a soft cornbread and the casserole had a generous topping of pecans and brown sugar.  Karen had the Premium Salad which was fresh romaine tossed with vegetables, cheese, and cranberries.  She couldn't resist the pulled chicken so she ordered a side portion.

      There's something here for everyone.  It's self-serve with a line for ordering and your selection appearing at the end.  There's also a large take-out business all through the day.  Everything is guaranteed so there's no need to worry.  The staff is super friendly and willing to adjust orders even after they've been processed.

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I'm not sure there's something there for me.  Maybe the chicken.

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