Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Big Gay Chicago Wedding

A View of Trump Tower on the Way to the Ceremony

      We received a save-the-date postcard for Rich & Tom's wedding in early January.  We cleared our calendars and waited for the details to come forth.  We could have asked them what the plans were going to be, but instead we allowed ourselves to conjure up several outrageous scenarios in anticipation.  What would their interpretation be for a civil ceremony between two men?  Like all weddings, the possibilities for creativity are boundless.  Our hopes were that they would preserve some of the traditions of a straight wedding but without all the hokey customs (i.e. some translation of throwing the bouquet and garter belt), while adding their own twists to the celebration.  As it turned out, it was exactly that!  

The Invitation and Save-the-Date Postcard
The Announcement
at the Allerton Hotel
      The invitations set the stage...beautifully scripted and printed in rich brown tones on a pistachio green.  Included were two surprises. To exhibit their generosity, and to keep guests entertained for the weekend, Rich and Tom hosted an architectural boat tour on the afternoon before their 5:30 pm wedding and
a brunch at the hotel on the morning after.  It was certainly a thoughtful touch, especially for the out-of-towners.  
Tip Top Tap Room Set for the Ceremony
The View Up Michigan Avenue
The ceremony and reception took place at the Allerton Hotel on North Michigan Avenue, a historical icon on the Chicago skyline.  The union was in the Tip-Top-Tap Room on the 23rd floor.  The room was set for 100 guests and the view outside was of the neighboring skyscrapers.  Dramatic, to be sure!  

      It can be uncomfortable to perform in front of family and friends, so Rich chose to be humorous throughout the ceremony.  It cut the edge, but still allowed for some touching moments.  The ceremony was short with an unrehearsed kiss between the grooms following their vows as well as the traditional one after the proclamation of unity.  If you're not comfortable watching two men kiss, you probably shouldn't attend a gay wedding, but then you probably weren't invited either.

The Menu and Custom Butter Cookie
     The reception of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres followed in an adjacent room, allowing guests to chat with the groomsmen and one another.  After an hour, it was time to descend to the Buckingham Ballroom on the 3rd floor for the dinner.  
Tres Leches, Caramel, and Tita Martita—
 Three- Layer Wedding Cake 
The tailored cake was center stage as we entered the room and took our assigned seats at the round tables of ten.  It has become a recent custom to cut the cake before the meal starts.  It makes sense...everyone is seated and the servers have time to plate the cake slices, keeping things moving along.  Followed by the couple's first dance, the DJ kept things happening from that point forward.  Music was more or less in chronological order starting with Frank Sinatra and Doris Day.  It was a great way to transcend the generations represented with the guest list, AND to provide music for the dinner.  And what a dinner it was!  Kudos to the staff at the Allerton, as well as our hosts!  They pulled off a classic gay wedding for all to take note.

Main Course of Filet Mignon and Grilled Salmon

I was all ready to go to the wedding when I checked the invitation again and realized I wasn't invited.  Oops!

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Heather said...

I have a funny about a gay wedding I went to here in Cinci. It was a fantastic ceremony between two even more fantastic men. And then at the reception - we're walking through the food options (scattered throughout the house - it was so much fun) and came across all these cheese offerings. They were all on separate boards and labeled with cute (and extremely helpful) flags.

A friend phoned me right then and I answered, telling him about the cheeses and labels. He asked me what the cheeses were - so I rattled off the names.

He replied "Ugh - those are STARTER cheeses"

I said - "Um Scott, you just out-gay'd the GAY WEDDING"

Glad you had fun - it looks spectacular!