Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sammy's—Not Just for Burgers and Beer

The Lunch Crowd at Sammy's
      Sammy's was on my list while working in the Blue Ash area so Karen, Melissa, and I headed there for lunch one day.  We were seated at a corner booth and offered menus.  Hmmmm...all of our menus had Lenten Specials listed on the cover and this was August!  We were confused.  I asked our server for confirmation to which he replied, "Yep, 212 days 'til it starts" and walked away.  OK...was he serious?  When he returned, I pursued the
questioning and he clarified by stating that when they opened in 2009 they offered those specials and they were such a huge hit that they decided to keep them around.  My guess is it was an economic maneuver to not reprint the menu, while creating a conversation starter.  It obviously worked for us!

      I knew the emphasis was on gourmet burgers and beer.  It said so on the sign outside.  Karen and Melissa were getting the Turkey Wrap.  I figured I should go for a burger (of which there were not as many varieties as I had expected) in order to properly assess this place.  However, the Lenten Specials were still at the forefront of my choices. So, I offered up my top two picks to our wisecracking server guy.  His retort was, "You know what a burger tastes like, don't ya?  So I'd go with the Belly-Buster Cod Fish Sandwich."  I knew he had my best interest in mind and he was right about the burger (which also told me theirs was just average in the Cincinnati burger pool), so the fish sandwich it was!

Turkey Wrap and Fries
Belly-Buster Cod Fish Sandwich
      Their logo and street appearance had set the stage, reminiscent of a 50's establishment on the road to Palm Springs.  As I looked around, I realized that Sammy's was really a diner sprinkled with sports memorabilia and the omnipresent flat screen TV.  It's comfortable and obviously a local hangout for some patrons.  When our lunches arrived, it was easy to see why.  Each was a generous portion in a modest presentation of a plastic diner basket with checkered paper.  The sliced turkey wrap was dressed with diced bacon, avocado, tomato, and lettuce inside a tortilla wrap.  It was on the plump side served with seasoned bottleneck fries.  The turkey appeared a little on the moist side—something that I have issues with.  My fish arrived sticking out of both sides of the bun and served with the same spiced-up fries.  It was, indeed, of belly-buster size!  It was flaky and crispy at the same time and accompanied with lettuce, pickle, and tartar sauce.  My opinion was that it was nothing above the ordinary, but satisfying and filling. I was happy to go along with the Lenten Special this time, but will definitely have to try a burger, or other selections, on the next go-around.

Sammy's Gourmet Burgers and Beer on Urbanspoon

I'm not giving up mice for way!  So as long as that cod tastes like mouse, I'm good to go to Sammy's.

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